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08-16-18 12:39 AM
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Posted on 09-21-17 12:11 AM Link | Reply | ID: 1390

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Real Name:
Jordan Gonzalez
Minecraft Username:
How long have you been playing Minecraft?
I have been playing minecraft for about 4 years and it has been a really fun and enjoyable game especially with friends.
Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server?
I have never and will never get banned off a minecraft server.
Have you ever been staff on a Minecraft server?
No, Ive never been a staff on a server but I would like to be one.
Have you ever been staff on a forum or another game server, or done anything else that would be indicative of relevant experience?
No I have not been a staff on any other game. But I have been the leader of a minecraft realm and added alot of people and I only kicked them when they either greifed or didnt follow the rules.
Skills and Availability
What times of the day and week are you available to perform your staff duties?
I will be mostly avaliable on the weekends and I hop on from time to time on the weekdays. Im usually on for about 1 - 5 hours depending on what im doing.
What languages do you speak and write fluently?
I speak and write English and spanish.
What languages do you speak and write conversationally?
I mostly speak english but if anyone ever needs help and speaks spanish I will be more than happy to write and start a conversation with them in that language.
Give a brief explanation of other skills that would make you a good staff member, or anything else you'd like to add.
I have played this game for a pretty long time, I know every possible thing about minecraft and I would love to help people that need help. Another reason why I would love to be staff is because of this server, it is full of nice people and has an amazing owner (GamingG).Its sad to see when people break the rules and mess with other players and especially when it has happens to me. I would like to be staff to support the server and prevent anything like that from happening. Also when people use hacks or some other things they aren't supposed to use. The main reason I want to be staff is to be there when nobody else is online so I can help out the people that are new. This server has been my childhood , so this is where ima end it off. Thank You.

Posted on 09-26-17 03:02 PM Link | Reply | ID: 1402
Root Administrator


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y tho

Posted on 08-13-18 01:11 PM Link | Reply | ID: 1467

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Main - Staff Applications - danjor2003's Staff Application for

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